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It was a sunny day. There was no cloud but a noisy plane in the sky. People, in Byrant Park, were enjoying the good weather.

I was sitting at a table and drawing sketches for my current children’s book in the shadows of trees. A friend of mine joined me and we began a discussion on fairy tales, specifically Lord of the Rings, good always win. A young man next to us, asked me which language we were speaking in. He had been to Turkey, in addition to Iraq, Japan and Germany for making a documentary about “bombing”. The topic swiftly moved to the atomic bombs that were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I asked him what American people thought about killing thousands of innocent civilians in Japan. Were they proud of it? He answered that for most of them the bombing was necessity. They’re not interested in details. The war had to be ended whatever its result was. My friend said it was a reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor. I said it was not same because Pearl Harbor was a military base so they could protect themselves. The young man agreed to me. As it happened in Iraq, Saddam was a bad guy who had to be done immediately. Of course, some civilians would die in the process. We also talked about the bombings in Germany where everyone was not Nazi. Before we leave we shook hands and said it was nice to meet and talk, even if the subject was not nice.

It was a sunny day. There was no cloud but a noisy plane in the sky. People, in Hiroshima, were enjoying the good weather on 6 August 1945…(NY)

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