The Maiden's Tower

Kiz kulesinin-gelinligi

I started illustrating a new book, called “Magical Istanbul”. It is about the city’s landmarks via children’s eyes. The towers, bridges, mosques, bazaars, places, pigeons, seagulls speak to children and tell their stories. Instead of sticking the computer I decided to draw sketches in open spaces. So I went to Central Park on this sunny Sunday. 

The Maiden’s Tower is one of Istanbul’s icons. Since my childhood it (she) has been a magical building to me. Not only her interesting legends but also her location was affected to me. Because she was standing on a little island on Bosphorus and going there was forbidden. You could see her only from the mainland, where is Asia part of the city. She has illuminated sailors as a lighthouse and inspired poets, artists for years. Many lovers, including me have sat and seen her from the shore in sunset. With her white color she was a beautiful and unreachable pure bride to me.

However, her fate broke my heart several years ago. The government rented her to a private company. Her white color was changed and added ugly iron supports to her body.  She was turned to a restaurant and opened to public visiting. My unreachable love has lost her purity.

When I go to Istanbul and see her from long distance sadly, I still remember my childhood love in white bridal veil…