Christmas Stick

christmasstick-book“The Christmas Stick” is a fresh new story about a jaded young prince who receives more Christmas gifts than he needs or wants, except for one mysterious gift, a stick from his grandmother. AT first the prince is bored by the stick, unable to fathom its use as a toy or a gift. Then he gets inspiration from a visiting cousin: the stick can become whatever he imagines! It can be a shepherd’s crook, an oar, a spear, a trumpet, even a snake to wrestle with! In the end, the gift of the stick is treasured by the spoiled young prince, for it allows him to nourish his imagination, which in turn, leads him to become aware of others, and the need to return generosity by giving to them. The touching ending scene of “The Christmas Stick” is a culmination of the perfect gift sharing experience: watching a child grow and learn to care for others. —Midwest Book Review

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Australian animals


Have you seen a platypus? Unfortunately, I haven’t. My latest children’s book illustration project was a platypus story. He meets with the other Australian animals, like a kangaroo, koala, wombat and black swan. I borrowed a lot of books from the library for searching. It took long time for reading them but it was enjoyable to learn many things from the unique continent and its nature.



When I was preparing my tax files I thought that there would be more enjoyable paperworks than these. And then, I created these animations by using paper. I like white on white and simplicity.

Eternal Love

pierre lotiMy cartoon won the first prize in the Nehar Tublek Cartoon Competition that was organized by the Association of Cartoonists and Besiktas Municipality, in Istanbul. Pierre Loti Hill is located in Eyup district that is the most sacred place of the city. Therefore, there are many old graves here from the Ottoman Era. Old tombstones shapes and designs give us some information about owners occupation, social statue and gender. Many couples wanted to continue their love together in their final resting place, eternally, with the beautiful Golden Horn view.